Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Need a Daughter

Last week I made my girly-est cake ever. While I was making that, I was also working on my girly-est outfit ever.

About three weeks ago, one of my favorite families in Japan welcomed a beautiful baby girl. I became friends with the husband years ago while working at the Head Office of a language school. We quickly became quite close, as he is one of the nicest guys I've ever met. His wife and now 7 year old son are just as lovely. The new baby, Aria (possibly the most adorable name ever), seems just as sweet as the others.

After Aria was born, I called Simon to tell him congratulations. At the same time I had him ask his wife if there was anything in particular they wanted for Aria. I was out and it was really loud, so it was difficult to hear, but I thought s/he'd said a "lacy, cute hat." (Simon, I'm so sorry if it was something else that was requested!!)

I scoured etsy looking for a cute pattern and finally bought this one.

As I seem incapable of just following a pattern, I changed it up a bit so the brim of the hat could include a little lace trim. I also added ribbon to hold it on Aria's head. Since the hat is reversible, the outside ribbon is not in use around the baby's (double - how cute) chin, instead it can be tied around the top into a little bow.

Then I thought I'd make a little flower pin to go with it. What's cuter than a pink polka dot flower?

Not a whole lot, but probably that flower attached to a flowery hat, sitting atop a baby's head.

I fell in love with that flowery fabric and decided that Aria needed a dress to match. I used this pattern.

It's a super simple pattern; who knew baby dresses were so easy?!? But, as above, I had to add something. I added heaps of trims - lace, mini pom poms, ribbon and more lace, as well as a bow around the waist.

But why stop there? What if Aria's diaper shows?? We don't need a teenage-movie-star-in-the-making flashing her unmentionables to everyone she sees. Clearly she needs a frilly, lacy diaper cover.

Finally, what outfit would be complete without shoes? Certainly not this one!

I found this pattern on etsy as well and fell in love.

Seriously!!! That flower is about the cutest thing I think I've ever seen on a shoe.

Here is the whole outfit all put together.

The whole time I was making it, all I could think was, "I NEED A DAUGHTER!" I adore K with every fiber of my being, but I will never be able to dress a boy like this. Bring it on, baby #2!!!

By the way, I'm definitely not yet preggers, but wish me luck! ;)

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