Friday, June 29, 2012

Pants for the Kid

At the end of July our little family is taking a trip to Fuji Rock. It is a huge music festival that Y and I have been to many times, the last of which was just before I got pregnant with K. This will be our first time to go with a kid and I'm sure it will be a different experience. I doubt we will see all the bands we want to and we won't be camping in a tent with all the cool kids, but we will spend heaps of time playing in the forest jungle gym and kid area, sleep on a futon in a small inn, and likely be able to bathe (which will be nice).

K no longer owns a pair of pants that fit. He only has one pair that fit lengthwise, but they need a belt. While it is summer, the festival is in the mountains, so the days are blistering, but once the sun goes down it can get a bit chilly. Homeboy needs some pants.

I came across these in a sewing magazine and thought they could be really cute for K.

We ended up getting a linen for the main fabric with a patterned fabric from India. I loved the patterned fabric we got, but also liked the South American vibe in the ones above. I couldn't find anything similar in our shop, so the Indian fabric won out.

All in all the pants weren't particularly difficult to make. They are so teeny, however that some of the top-stitching was a bit of a challenge.

This was the first time I'd done a waistband in a different fabric - I usually just double fold it and sew - and I thought it would be a huge pain, but it wasn't. In fact, although no one sees it, it ended up being my favorite part of the pants.

K woke up from a nap as soon as I had finished with them. I couldn't wait to try them on him. He really liked them and didn't want to take them off. They are roomy enough so he is comfortable, yet still fit his waist. He loves them.

The bottom patterned bit folds up if needed and is held up with a little fabric loop. I think this will be perfect for daytime; fold them down and they are perfect for night as well! Wahoo!!

He wore them over to our friends' over the weekend. I was super stoked when they commented on how cool his outfit was. I love when people comment on clothes I've made for K without knowing that they were handmade.

It kind of feels like a secret - like I've pulled the wool over someone's eyes. "You think I bought those, but ha! I made them!!" Writing that out doesn't sound nearly as cool as it does when I feel that way. Ah well, guess you'll just have to trust me.

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