Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cake Balls and Cute Nails

One of my friends, who happens to have a son just about K's age, has started a mini nail salon in her house. We set a date for K and I to go over. Of course K and her son would play while I got my nails done.

After a year or so if doing her own nails, she decided that she'd give manicures to the moms in the area. Since we are all just moms, the price is super reasonable, and the first time is free! If you end up liking it, then you can come back and give her what is fair.

Since I wasn't paying, I figured we should bring a nice snack along. This mom is super cute, so I wanted the snack to be cute as well. I settled on cake balls decorated with sprinkles. K of course wanted to help, so I let him do the sprinkles. He was stoked.

He put so much concentration into each one and made sound effects as he sprinkled them. They certainly were a bit uneven, but he was so proud of himself that I just couldn't bring myself to fix them.

It cracked me up.

Turns out, the mom is awesome at gel nails!! I looked through a few magazines and finally settled on these.

Glitter + rhinestones?!? I'm in love!! Although it sounds so conceited, I can't stop admiring them.

Since they are gel, she said they should last a few weeks. You can bet I'll be going back as soon as they get a bit junky!! I can't wait to pick out a new design.

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