Saturday, June 9, 2012

Magnet Book Bag

In my past few posts, I've written about visiting my friends and their new baby. I am so cut out to be the mom of a daughter who bakes cheesecake whenever our cravings may hit.

While we were there, they gave K a super cute car magnet book. It came with a million little magnets that just two days in I was finding everywhere. Some sort of organization was necessary.

Using the same idea from the I Spy Bag, I made a little pouch with a see-through front and elastic bands to keep it with the book when not in use.

It was really quite simple to make. I just guessed and cut out three fabric rectangles of the same size and two smaller rectangles for the flap. Then I cut the center out of one of the big rectangles and sewed on a plastic rectangle to cover the hole (just like in the I Spy Bag).

Then I sewed the flap pieces ride sides together on three sides, flipped it right-side out, and topstitched, leaving the top end as is.

Next I sewed the other two rectangles right sides together with the flap inserted, leaving a little hole and then flipped it. Then I double folded the top edge of the see-through rectangle so it was the same size as the new one and top stitched.

Then I layered it all up - the big rectangle/flap, two pieces of elastic and the see-through rectangle and sewed around the three sides.

To make it cleaner, I also zig zagged the edges.

Finally I flipped it, topstitched, and sewed on some snaps.

And I no longer get little cars stuck to my bare feet. Wahoo!!

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