Friday, June 15, 2012

Pudding and Meringues

On Tuesday a good friend came over for lunch. I asked Y if there was any specific dessert he wanted and he asked for cheese cake. I asked if there was anything else he'd want (given that I just made a cheese cake), and he answered, "banana bread." Dear me, I'd just recently made that as well! I asked for a third suggestion and he asked for pudding. Whew!

I used an Emeril recipe that I've made many times, always with great results. It's a pretty standard vanilla pudding.

The recipe uses three egg yolks, however, leaving me questioning what to do with the whites. Alas, meringues are always a lovely treat.

Just before Christmas one of my very best friends sent me an amazing package of baking goods from King Arthur Flour. One of the items she sent was Lemon Juice Powder. It is AMAZING!! During the holiday season I made meringues with a teaspoon or two of this powder thrown in. They were always delicious - like mini lemon meringue pies!!

The yellow swirls add a bit of cuteness and are so simple to do. Once your meringue is ready and the tip is in the piping bag, just take some gel food coloring and a food-safe paintbrush and paint lines up the bag. The semi-difficult part is trying to get the meringue right in the middle of the bag. If it's not in the middle, the lines will be a bit messy.

Then just pipe and bake as instructed. Unfortunately it's rainy season here and the little guys just weren't drying out in the oven. I was tired and over it, so I set the oven for 30 more minutes and went to bed. In the morning I checked on them and they had browned a tiny bit. They were quite crispy though, so that was good. You couldn't taste the caramelization too much, just see it a bit.

You may know this, but during my previous meringue stint, I read that you can put baked meringues in a Tupperware container and freeze them. They last for ages and there's no defrosting involved. Just pick one out and pop it in the mouth! They are perfect for when you need a nice, sweet treat.

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