Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Birthday Purse

Ages ago I made a handbag for K that we still use nearly every day. I made the same one for a little boy of a friend for Christmas. They seem to like it as well. The bag is a winner!!

Today we went to a friend's house. The little girl turned 2 a while ago, but we hadn't met since her birthday. What little girl doesn't need an extra handbag?!?

This was the same style as the the other two, but a super girly version. Sweet Jesus do I love making girly things!!

I loved using all the different fabrics, as well as lace and pompoms. Seriously, I need a daughter!!

I made the inside a vinyl material for easy clean up of spilled drinks, sticky lollipops, and dirt-covered rocks.

I'm not sure how much the little girl liked the bag, but her mom liked it, so that's good news - another win in my book!!

Happy Birthday, Konomi-chan!!

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