Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Diaper Covers

Before little T was born, I made him some diaper covers given that it was summer when he was born and I figured I would have him in very little other than a diaper and maybe a little tank or T-shirt. If homey was going to be wearing just a diaper, it better be cute! At that point of course, we didn't know if T was a boy or a girl, so I gathered all of the gauze material I had and decided that I would just make a few diaper covers - boy or neutral pattern be damned! I used Dana's diaper cover pattern and got to cutting.

I figured it would be fastest to do these up at the same time, so here they are sewn together and the waistband ready.

I did a pretty shoddy job with the waistband in that I didn't measure anything, I just did it. I ended up making it a bit too big, but since they were just for T and likely to be covered in his own bodily fluids quite soon, I wasn't stressing it.

When it got time to make the leg casings, they overlapped the waistband a bit, but oh well.

I ended up with a cute little stack of diaper covers that to be honest I hardly use. By that, I mean I have put him in one exactly two times - once today to take photos and once a few weeks ago to see if they fit. If he is just in his diaper and a top, we are usually in the house in which case no diaper cover needed. If we go out, I am usually holding him in a wrap and his bum is covered anyway, again no diaper cover needed. These were super fast to make, however, and while making them it was fun to think about my baby-to-be. So, I'm not counting it as a loss either.

That being said, they are pretty cute on his little baby legs. I couldn't get a good photo of him looking at the camera - the curtains blowing in the breeze were much more exciting apparently. Because this is my blog, however, I feel like I can put a gratuitous photo up every once in a while. So here is the little one face on...I love him and his chubby cheeks.

Also, by chance, today I had him in the pants I made for him before he was born as well - I threw the bow out a while back. I love them and think I will crank out a few more pairs of these bad boys if I get some time!

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