Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bento Thursday - Bears

It's bento day today!! K requested broccoli, asparagus, carrots, fried fish, an onigiri and apples, so that's what he got. I asked him what kind of onigiri he wanted, as in what shape, but he said he didn't know. Since K was a baby, I have often called him, "bear." He used to just snuggle up so close in my arms and it just seemed fitting. To honor my little nickname for him, I thought a bear onigiri would be cute. I also used bear cookie cutters for the carrots to add a bit more cuteness. I loved how the onigiri turned out - I think it's adorable, but I didn't like the space between the bear and the carrots at the bottom.

So, I remedied it with a little bear paw. I think this is one of my favorite bentos for K. I was a bit unsure of how he would react. He generally likes his trains, cars, rockets, etc. and while he likes his stuffed animals, they aren't his go-to toys. I showed it to him and he said, "Mama! It's so cute!! I want to show it to sensei (his teacher)." I was so happy!! Maybe he is still little enough that I can work out a few more cute bentos...

Y's bento was so plain - rice, Japanese-style omelet, fried fish, carrots and burdock root, komatsuna (like spinach) and tofu.

But!! Just as I was wrapping it up, I figured since I had a few carrot bears left over from K's lunch, I would sneak in a few of those little guys. Hehe. Y called me during lunch and said the bento was delicious. He also commented on the bears. I asked if he was embarrassed, but he said he wasn't. Yay for cute bentos!!

This is not really related to today's bento, but I got these little food picks for K's bentos that have little sphere heads/faces on the ends of them. I thought they could be cute to stick in cars or trains so it looks like people are actually riding in them. I used one the other night for K's dinner and he loved it. After putting K and T to sleep, I watched a really old episode of Breaking Bad - if you watch the show, it was the episode where the dude's head is stuck to the turtle. Then I washed up the dishes. I started the garbage disposal when all of a sudden a tiny head popped out of the sink. It scared the bejesuses out of me!! The timing could not have been better. Guess I have to be a bit more careful about not letting things get into the disposal. RIP little food pick. 


  1. you are so talented! your bento box lunches are unbelievable! Love the new little addition to your family. Congrats again! Hope you are having a great Fall!

    1. Thanks, Lauren! I'm not going to lie - I have been looking forward to making bentos for my (then future) children since I moved here and saw the whole bento culture. If K was a girl, holy moly would he have some cute lunches. Alas, he's a boy so I imagine this is about as cute as it's going to get.

      We love our new little addition as well. K absolutely dores him and watching them interact is my favorite part of the day.

      I hope you and your little family are enjoying the Fall as well. It's such a great season!!