Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Geranium Shirt

K's preschool bus picks him up right in front of our condo. There are two little girls that get on at the same spot. One lives in our same complex and is a year older than K. The other lives near us, but in a house and is in his same class. She is quite small compared to K and before preschool began, her mom was concerned that she might cry on the bus. We told K, who was totally confident at that point, that if she cries he should try to help her since he is bigger/older than her. I think he took this as "you need to take care of and look after her at all times." The good news is that he adores her and is always trying to hold her hand and play with her. The bad news is that the feelings are not always recipricated. She often ignores him when he tries to grab her hand and then he gets really bummed. Such is life, right?

Anyway, the little cutie turned three a month and a half ago (!!) and I am just now getting around to blogging about what I made for her. I made this little outfit quite early in case I were to go into labor right around her birthday, (it turns out that did not need to be of any concern), but I didn't want to write about it until after it was given to her. After that, I got pretty lazy about blogging and didn't feel like typing it up. Hence, this week the posts are going to be about a super summery outfit that did make sense at the time, but now seems so out of place given that it is fall.

The Geranium Dress by Made by Rae took the sewing blog world by storm as it seems that the author of nearly every blog I glance at has made at least one of these and they are always so stinking cute. It was my turn now! I love all of the variations on the pattern and that it can be a dress or a shirt. I opted for the shirt and I am in love with it. Since it was summer, I started with a double gauze fabric that I think is so sweet. The first step is to sew up the bodice with the little (optional) flutter sleeves. Eeek! Already it's looking adorable!

The bodice of the shirt is lined. So the next step is to connect the lining to the outside.

Then sew the bottom bit together. I opted for the gathered bottom instead of the pleated, but either works. Also, the shirt has no open seams on the inside which I think makes it look so professional and nice.

See how pretty the inside looks too?

The final step is to connect the bodice to the skirt bit and then add buttons. I found the cutest little pink flower buttons that matched the fabric perfectly. So stinking sweet!

The inside of the shirt is so clean looking. I love it!!

I can totally see why this pattern is such a big hit. It is surprisingly easy to put together, so super cute and has many variations. I am hoping she will come out with a long sleeve version so that I can whip up a few for some winter babies!!

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