Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pop-Up Book

Yesterday I posted about the chocolate treat that K and I made on the rainy day. Today, again, it was rainy. K had school in the morning, but when he got home it was back to being in the house with not a lot to do. I had asked for suggestions of what to do and one of my good friends suggested making a pop-up book. Hmmm...why not!

I had no idea how to go about making a pop-up book, so I headed to google and found an amazing site that details how to do all types of pop-ups. We stuck to the simplest, the box. While T was napping, K and I got to work.

The first thing I did was ask K to tell me a story while I wrote it down. He LOVED this. In fact, we went through many, many stories. This alone killed about 30 minutes.

Then he picked his favorite story. I broke it into pages and we prepared the book. K put glue on the computer paper and I stuck it to black construction paper.

Using a paper cutter, I cut down the construction paper a bit so it would be slightly smaller than the cover. 

Then we got to making the book! I wrote the story onto the pages and then made two slits with the page folded. Then I folded the box inward to make the pop-up bit. K colored and I drew little illustrations. Man, I need some drawing classes!!

Here's K's first book:

Once upon a time, I walked really for ahead, a really long time ago.

We went far away from our house. We went on a long walk, far, far away.

(I originally drew the pop-up illustration with me holding T. That did not go over well. I had to re-draw it so that K was holding T.)

We went to the convini and bought ice cream. Mama or Touto gives the money.

(He currently is very particular about who pays for things at the shops. Sometimes it's him, other times it's me, every once in a while it's Y. This time it seemed he didn't really care, so long as it wasn't him.)

We walked far away and we came back to home. And we get to our home.

And we take the elevator. The End.

K absolutely loved doing this! He loved the story, he loved coloring (although you may notice he only colors in yellow), he loved having me read it to him. Excellent idea, Miss Melanie!!

I wanted to take a photo of him holding the book and he was being such a monkey about it. He kept covering his face with the book and I would hold the camera above his head, he would move the book, I'd move the camera, this went on for about 3 minutes. He cracked up the entire time.

All in all, it was a wonderful little project to do with the big brother. And now he's an author!

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