Tuesday, September 3, 2013

5-Minute Dessert

Yesterday was my first day where it was just the boys and me. Until that point, either my parents or Y's mom were with us. On Sunday, Y was of course home with me. Come Monday, however, Y was at work, my parents were in the US and Y's mom had returned to Yokohama where his parents live. Since last week, a typhoon has been trying to make its where here and it has been pretty much constant rain.

Going outside is taking a huge risk given that it might downpour at any minute. On top of the rain, K has come down with a cold. This means, we are stuck in the house. K had been sitting in front of the TV or the iPad for the entire day. When he is sick, he gets special TV/iPad privelages. But, enough was enough - it was time to do something. We were going to make a little treat!

I got K started on crushing up pretzels.

Then we put some chocolate chips in a bowl, added a bit of oil and microwaved it until mostly melted.

Then I stirred it up until it was all nice and smooth.

We added the pretzels and some dried cranberries. It was about 1:1, chocolate to pretzels/cranberries.

Then we put it all out onto a parchment lined cookie sheet and popped it in the refrigerator.

Then we went to the bedroom to take a rest - K with the iPad.

T and I in my bed.

By the time we got up, the chocolate was hard and we had a nice little snack.

It's meant to rain every day until next Wednesday. Any other ideas of what to do with a sick 3-year old and an infant?

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