Friday, September 20, 2013

Pastel Layered Cake

There are certain areas of Osaka that are full of foreigners - my old neighborhood happens to be one of those areas. My new neighborhood, however, is quite different and primarily Japanese (to be expected, perhaps??). There are a few of us though! One of my good friends here is a Mexican woman and another is a Romanian woman, both are just lovely and such fun to be around. Unfortunately, our Romanian friend is moving downtown at the end of the month. This week we had a little going away lunch for her at my place. We decided, of course, that I would make the dessert.

As it was a special occasion, I wanted to make a special cake. I started by making up a chocolate cake using this recipe. I have made that recipe a few times before, but always in cupcake form. It never disappoints. The only changes I made were to half the recipe, given that I had plans to make a second cake, and also adjust the baking time for a full cake instead of cupcakes. It ended up taking about 40 minutes (I think), and one spot on the top got a little too dark. That being said, I ate that part with no frosting and it tasted just fine.

The next step was to make a vanilla cake. Again, I used a tried and true recipe. No changes were even necessary, aside from halving it.

I endedup with two cakes. As you can see, the chocolate one caved in a bit.

This wasn't such a big deal since the cake was to be four layers anyway.

I just sliced the tops off of each cake so they were the same height. 

Then I made a cream cheese frosting, the same as frosting that I used in the Oreo cupcakes post. I did make a few changes, however. Before adding in the crushed Oreos, I separated the frosting into two bowls, putting about a quarter of it into a smaller bowl. I crushed up about 5 or 6 Oreos and added them to the smaller bowl.

I sliced each cake in half lengthwise and then added the Oreo frosting between the layers. I was pretty careful with how much I added between the first few layers, ensuring that I would have enough for the top layer. It ended up not being a problem at all and the top layer even got a bit more than the others.

Once the cake was all stacked, it looked like this. I was thinking of stopping at the bottom three layers to mimick an Oreo, but I couldn't resist the top white layer - more layers, more drama...and I LOVE cake drama!

Then it was ready for the crumb coat.

Once that was ready, I separated the remaining white frosting into three bowls.

I colored two of the bowls - one lavender and one turquoise. I left the third one white, but just before frosting the cake, I decided to make it a light pink.

Starting with the pink at the top, I frosted and worked my way down with the lavender and finally the turquoise.

Where the colors met, I smudged the line a bit with a spoon to make it look a bit better. Then I used the spoon to add texture to the frosting. I love how it ended up looking, almost like a painting. I also love how the inside looked, all stripey and delicious.


For lunch we had delicious tacos made by our Mexican friend and dessert was delicious as well.

We definitely made a dent in the cake - not naming any names (nationalities would be more accurate, perhaps?), but a few of us even had a second slice. 

A few of K's friends came over that afternoon, so I helped myself to a second slice then. The next morning I gave away two more slices, so at this point, the cake is nearly gone. I'm a little sad. Maybe I will have to make it again sometime soon...

As a side note, I made this cake and showed it to K on Wednesday morning. He said, "Oh, is the cake for Jandro?" (Jandro, or T, is my little brother.) I was totally confused by this. " Why would it be for him?" "Because it's his birthday." "How do you even know that???" Turns out that yesterday was, in fact, Jandro's birthday! Happy birthday, little bro!! I still have no idea how K knew that. He says I told him a few days ago, but I have no recollection of this. More to the point, however, is that I LOVE how K associates pastel, extremely feminine looking cakes with my with my 24-year old brother. Ha!

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