Friday, August 30, 2013

Super Simple Baby Blankets

When K was a tiny baby he hated being swaddled. He was also an awful sleeper. Before baby T was born, I was dead set on the fact that he would be swaddled and he would like it. I thought that maybe swaddling T would help him sleep better. So, before T was born, I did some research into what type of blanket is best for swaddling. I know there are specific swaddling blankets, in fact I have a few different ones (that K hated), but I thought for how expensive they are, if the baby hates being swaddled it would be such a huge waste. I would do this the old-fashioned way!

I found that 1 meter by 1 meter is a good size for a blanket and given that it is hot, hot, hot here I thought a thin gauze would be nice. So, before T was born I headed to the fabric store and got 1 meter each of two fabrics.

The blankets were super simple to make. I just washed the fabric and ironed it. Then without measuring, I ironed the edges in twice, about 2.5 centimeters each time. Without even pinning it, I just sewed on the very edge of the fold.

When I got to a corner, I went all the way to the edge of the blanket, turned to follow the edge, turned again at the corner and one last time to make a square.

I think each blanket took less than 15 minutes from ironing to finished product. They look pretty simple, but I wasn't going for anything crazy here. I figured simple would be best.

It turns out T hates being swaddled as well. He might also be the next Houdini. He has broken out of every swaddle I've ever put him in. In fact, he has even broken out of the swaddles when I've used the actual swaddling blankets that I had bought for K. I don't know how, but he got his legs out of the pocket and arms out of the blanket and then had the whole thing wrapped around his waist. It was fairly impressive.

Luckily these blankets aren't a total waste. I use them to simply cover him up or for him to chill on. He seems pretty oblivious to them.

In other news, I have been seeing more and more neighbots recently. The other day as I was taking out the trash, I saw a little neighbor boy and his mom. The mom asked about the T - was it a boy or a girl, etc. The little boy then goes, "Wait! You already had the baby? Why is your tummy still big?" The mom explained that it takes a while for the mom's tummy to shrink back down. I felt like saying, "Listen kid, it's been two and a half weeks. Cut me some slack!"

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