Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Reusable Swiffer Sheet

I love my Swiffer. I think it is the most amazing invention ever. I can clean the floors of the entire condo in less than 10 minutes and I can even do it while K is napping. The only problem is that our Swiffer sheets are sometimes pretty lame. Every once in a while, our grocery store has the good brand, but not all the time. And if there is one thing that sucks, it's crappy Swiffer sheets - they don't work!!

Now that it is getting colder, I have been wearing socks around the house. I realized that some of my fluffy, fleece-like socks collect a lot of dust and hair. I went to our 100yen ($1) store and found legwarmers of the same material - perfect!!

Since I bought them as a tube shape, making these took roughly one minute. First I measured the Swiffer head by stripes, sewed up one end, and then I sewed a second line on the marked stripe. The final step was to cut a slit into the middle of the tube to fit the Swiffer head into. This slit can be rather small as the fabric stretches a lot.

I took my new Swiffer sheet out for a test drive and it picked up all the stray strings from a sewing project I'd just finished and some dust to boot. Success!

I saved the bit I cut off of the leg warmer and sewed up one end of it. I thought it might work well as a dusting mitt.  

Once the little sheets have done their job, I just pull off all of the dust and hair (gross!!!!) and throw it away, then pop the sheet into the wash. Since the legwarmers obviously came as a pair, I made two sheets - one to use while the other is in the laundry.

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