Monday, November 19, 2012

More Baby Girl Gifts

One of the moms that used to work at the kiddie community center with me recently had a baby girl. This is her second daughter (and child, for that matter), the older daughter is eight years old. When the mom told me she was pregnant, she seemed a bit hesitant, but I assured her that my little brother and I are eight years apart and we are close and everything is great. The baby was born last month, so I thought it was time I get a gift together for her.
I started with the butterfly hat that I think is the cutest thing ever and made one a few months back for a different friend. This hat is seriously so fast to whip up and I absolutely adore it. I started with a yarn that I think is so pretty. I love the self-striping effect.

I find that everytime I make this hat, I use different yarns, so my gauge is a bit off. If this happens, just check out the links to the other sizes and adjust accordingly. Sometimes this means taking out a row or two, but it is so tiny to begin with that it really isn't too big of a problem. In the end, you will have a sweet little butterfly hat to adorn a sweet little girl's head.
Every time I go to the fabric store, I see this Nani Iro print and fall in love with it. The problem is that it is a gauze-type fabric and really practical for baby stuff, but not for too many other things. I fell in love with it again, but this time I bought it!

K is now two and a half, but I still bring a burp cloth of sorts every time we leave the house. In our world, these serve so many wonderful purposes - from cleaning spit up when K was a little guy, to drying up a water spill on a shirt, to cleaning a messy cheek or nose - burp cloths are my lifesaver. I told my mom this and she agreed, "Yeah, I carried burp cloths with me for years." I think I will be the same.
That being said, I have favorite burp cloths and ones I don't care for as much. My favorites have to do with size and texture. Some are stiffer than other cloudy, soft ones. Some are too big or too small, and a few are just perfect. This gauze is super soft, but paired with a soft, almost velour feeling terry cloth would be heaven on a little face.
I measured my favorite and then got to cutting. I had just enough of the fabrics to make six cloths. It seemed the most sense to make them factory-style, so I got to cutting and then pinning.
Next was sewing (right sides together), flipping, ironing and pinning again.

The final step was a top stitch and six little cloths were made!

The little hat and two of these burp cloths will make up a gift for the neighborhood friend. Another friend recently had a baby, so she will get a few of the cloths as well - but I'll leave that post for a week or two, since her other goodies aren't yet finished.
While I am super tempted to keep two for myself - I really love them - I think I'll divvy them up and spread the burp cloth love. Seriously though, how pretty is this print?!?!

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