Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pocket Pants

As I posted on Monday, K's had a bit of a cold, but he's getting better. On Tuesday, however, I started to feel a bit crappy. I think I caught what he had. As a result, posts have been a bit scarce this week. I just can't bear to turn on my computer after putting K in bed when I could just go to sleep.

Before feeling sick, on Monday night and during Tuesday's nap time, I managed to squeak out a pair of pants for K.

I'd come across these pants a few weeks ago and loved the idea of them - one big huge pocket for K to store trains!! Genius!!

I'd bought some really nice, thick jersey and sweater material a while back and thought they'd be great for this.

I started with the pattern I used to make these pants, and then added to the middle, chopped down the outside, and curved the crotch (I hate that word, but is there an alternative?!?). Then I made a little pocket pattern and got to cutting.

The sweater material is quite thin, similar to the material I used on K's vest, so I backed the pocket with the jersey. I started by sewing this together and then sewing the pocket to the front of the pants.

From there the construction was simple! Just two pieces, so it was fast to do up. I reinforced the seams with a second stitch. Then I cut a strip of sweater for the waistband and backed it with a cheaper jersey, since it would be on the inside anyway.

The final steps were to sew the waistband on, thread some elastic through and sew up the hole. Then they were ready for the park.

K loves the pocket. He stored trains in there like nobody's business. After getting home, I realized that the pocket is also good for storing sand. Lucky us!

K really likes the pants and asked to wear them again today (that request made me so happy!!!). I took a photo of him, but the wind nearly knocked him over. The photo cracks me up, however, so here you go!
Finally, believe it or not, homey has two mustard-colored shirts. Aside from the pants, this is an entirely different outfit. One would never know.

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