Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cinnamon Bread

I haven't mentioned it yet, but K and I have been spending the week in Yokohama with Y's parents. We arrived Tuesday afternoon and have been having a lovely time. Y's younger brother is getting married tomorrow, which is why we are here. K is the ring bearer and will wear a tuxedo. I will wear a kimono for the first (possibly only) time in my life - I am so excited!!
Whenever we come to their place, I always like to bring some treat. This time since it was just K and I and we were flying, I figured something easy to take would be best. I settled on bread because I could just wrap it up, shove it in a suitcase, and not really worry about it. Y's mom and I both love cinnamon, so a cinnamon bread seemed perfect. Following a recipe from my breadmaker book, I made a basic sweet dough. 

Halfway through the cooking time, I took it out and rolled it into a long rectangle.
Then I spread some melted butter on the top and then covered that with a lot of cinnamon and sugar.
Then I rolled it up and cut it in half.
And put it back into the breadmaker, cut side up. This is how the cookbook showed to do it, but since there is a glaze on top (also in the original recipe), wouldn't it make more sense to turn the rolls 45 degrees, so the cut sides were facing a pan? That way when you cut it, every slice would have a pretty little swirly pattern and glaze.
Based on how much it rose, I wonder if there would be some issue with doing it this way - I might have to give it another go at some point.

Since this was a recipe specific to my breadmaker, I won't write it out. But as above, it was just a simple dough - flour, brown sugar, salt, butter, egg and milk - with butter and cinnamon sugar to make the rolled part. The glaze was supposed to be egg white, powdered sugar and a tiny bit of lemon juice, but the raw egg white bit creeped me out (I told this to Y's mom and she was totally not freaked out at all and said it was the standard here) and I substituted egg white powder instead.
Luckily the bread made the trip in tact and my mother- and father-in-law were pleased. Yahoo!!!
Wish K luck taking the ring up the aisle tomorrow morning!! 

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