Monday, November 12, 2012

Anniversary Cake

Last Friday I blogged about cupcakes I made that were reminiscent of a wedding cake/cupcakes from last year. As I'd mentioned, I made a cake for my friends' first wedding anniversary. I wanted the cake to be similar to the original, just smaller, but it didn't end up nearly as pretty as the real one.

To be honest, I'm not at all surprised it wasn't as nice. I made about 4 practice cakes before the wedding and would pipe roses any chance I got.
This time, I just went for it. The original cake was three or four layers (is it awful that I don't remember?!?) of vanilla bean cake separated by lemon curd and all topped with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream. Since this cake was smaller, I just did two layers.
This might be obvious, but in case it's not (it wasn't for me), lemon curd is not strong enough to hold up layers of cake. The curd ends up squishing out and you end up with a super thin layer instead of the nice thick one you probably want. To ensure this doesn't happen, first pipe a wall of buttercream around the outside.
Then fill it with the lemon curd.
The next step is to do a crumb coat. For the real cake, I then popped it in the fridge so this layer would get nice and hard. That way when piping the roses, if you end up making a mistake you can simply scrape off the rose and redo it without making a complete mess. This time around, I was tired and wanted to go to bed so I skipped the fridge and went straight to the flowers. 
Luckily it ended up okay. Not perfect, but okay. I knew it would likely be a mess once I got it all boxed up, so I decided to just cut myself some slack and go to sleep.
Happy 1st Anniversary you two!! I hope you had a lovely weekend together and enjoyed your cake!!!

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