Monday, November 5, 2012

Sick K = Cookie Time

K has been sick since Thursday night. It's been pretty awful. He's had quite a fever, a gnarly cough (so bad that it makes him throw up), and doesn't want to eat anything. He's basically been surviving on sports drinks since Friday. His fever finally broke today and he's definitely on the mend. He ate a banana and an entire doughnut for breakfast; a bowl of pasta, some pear, and some cheese for lunch; brocolli, rice and a hamburger patty for dinner. Yay!!!
While he was sick and not eating anything, I decided that I would just ask him what he wants to eat and give it to him. My theory is that some food is better than no food, and his sickness can only last so long before he gets better and his eating gets back on track - hence the sugar-covered doughnut for breakfast.
Yesterday, while still awfully sick and running a fever, he requested cookies (clearly he is my son). After his nap, we went to the grocery store and I took him to the cookie section and told him to pick a box out, but he said, "No, mama. Mama make cookies." Music to my ears! I didn't think about getting anything to make cookies with since I always have flour, sugar, etc. in the house. I started thinking about what type of cookie I should make him and settled on the peanut butter and M&M cookies I made last month. He really liked the cookie part of these last time, plus with some peanut butter in them, at least he could get some protein.
My plan was to make the cookies while he slept and he could munch on them all day today. I got him to bed, went to the kitchen, and found that we had about 1/2 cup of flour and no brown sugar. Foiled. We went back to the store this morning, got home, and made the cookies together. He had such a fun time making them with me, the wait was worth it.
I figured I would do a dozen of the cookies with no M&Ms since he didn't like them in the cookie last time. Then, I would add M&Ms to the rest of the dough, because let's be honest here, I'm going to eat some cookies too!
I added M&Ms into the dough, rolled out the cookie balls, flattened them and then added a few M&Ms to the top so they would look cute.

We pulled the first two trays out of the oven and K was super stoked to try them. He was really good about waiting until they had cooled a bit. I gave him a plain cookie and he said, "No, chocolate one." Are you kidding me!?! Those are supposed to be mine!!! I gave him an M&M one and he gobbled it and asked for another. I gave him another and he ate most of it, but left most of the actual cookie bit uneaten. Hmmm...  
What a nutter. Apparently now he likes the ones with M&Ms, as opposed to the plain ones. I think he will still eat the plain ones - and if he won't, I'm sure Y and I will. 
For the second tray, I was on the phone with my best friend growing up who just had a baby on Friday - congratulations, J!!! As a result, I totally forgot to put the M&Ms on the top before popping them in the oven. Just as I pulled them out of the oven, I pressed a few into the top just to see if it would work. It totally did! In fact, I kind of think this looks cuter. Some of the M&Ms that got baked cracked, but these obviously didn't. Also, I could press them into the cookie a bit so it looked more natural. The only problem is that when you press them in after baking, the top of the cookie tends to crack - I still think they look good though.

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