Monday, October 1, 2012

Halloween Costume - Part 1

Months ago, K decided that he hates the TV. He asks for it to be turned off if it happens to be on after waking from a nap. The only thing he tolerates (and seems to actually like) are our family videos. We bought the camera the day after he was born so all of the videos are K-centric.

We'd come across the video from his first Halloween when I dressed him as an owl. He saw it and asked, "Mama, why baby K a owl?".

I explained the whole Halloween deal to him, showed him photos of last year when he was Mario (the photo below was taken before Halloween, hence no mustache, also he hated the hat) and asked him what he wants to be this year.

He said...I can't tell you what he said until I have it all made. It's been a few days and it's still not done. It's not a particularly difficult costume, it just has a lot of pieces.

Piece one is a yellow vest. I borrowed a pattern from one of my friend's pattern books. I'd actually made the same vest last year (as well as the white shirt under it) and K hated it and never wore it.

I remember making a mistake last time and picking out the stitches. I kept thinking that this time I'll just be more careful and pay really close attention to the (Japanese) instructions. It didn't work. I picked out stitches on this one too.

Turns out it was super fast to make. I'd cut the pattern and fabric, and had it all sewn up, taken apart and then sewn again, all in two hours.

This yellow vest is a key component to the costume. Any guesses??

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