Friday, September 28, 2012

Little Boy Pants - Genius Adjustable Waist Idea

One of K's best friends turns three early next month. I usually don't like to post gifts before I give them, so as to not ruin the surprise. In this case, however, I'm not even sure if the boy's mom knows this blog exists, so I think I'm safe.

For these pants, I used the same pattern that I used when I made K these pants before Fuji Rock. I still love the pants when K wears them, but they are already getting on the short side. This kid grows like a weed!!

K's friend is really quite tall for his age, so I made him size 100 pants (toddler size 4) to compensate for the length. He's pretty slim, however, so I had to figure out what to do about the waist. I didn't want to make them too tight, because if we're lucky, he could likely wear these next year, particularly since they look cute rolled up, too.

One thing I love about many GAP pants/shorts, is the adjustable elastic waist. There are button holes all down the elastic, so you can adjust as necessary. This is perfect for my tall(ish), skinny boy!! I imagine you could buy this somewhere, but I couldn't be bothered going from shop to shop, or even looking online (ummm, how do I say button-holed adjustable elastic in Japanese??) when I can make buttonholes!

I made a few buttonholes on one end of the elastic and then zig-zagged down the edge to give it a bit more strength since my holes went right to the edge. Then I sewed a button on the other end. I really should have used a smaller button. Whoops, now I know.

Other than this bit, I followed the pattern as is and I continue to love the product! The blue is linen and the stripes feel like linen, but are just a looser woven cotton.

I'm pretty sure that as with K's pair, the inside of the waistband is my favorite bit. I love the little surprise!!

The back pocket is pretty cute too.

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