Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Halloween Costume - Part 2

Yesterday, I posted part one of K's Halloween costume - a yellow vest.  Another key component of this character's outfit is a pair of gray pants. Since out of the entire costume, this is the only piece that seems wearable in the future, I decided to spend a bit of money and time making them.

Although the character's pants are a solid gray, I thought a herringbone pattern would be more wearable, so I just went with it. The fabric is a soft flannel and it seems these pants will be super comfy for K. He tried them on and didn't want to take them off, but I finally made him so they wouldn't get too dirty before Halloween.

I used the same pattern as the pants for K's friend and made a few adjustments. Instead of using two fabrics for the legs, I stuck to just one since it made more sense for the costume. I also put two pockets in the back and with no flap covering because I thought it gave a bit more sophistication to these pants.

Although I wanted these pants to be a bit dressier, I couldn't resist putting in a fun fabric for the inside of the waistband. This fabric is actually a gauze meant for kid's towels and such, but it is so super soft, so it worked well with the softness of the flannel.

Just like the pants for K's friend, I made button holes for the elastic. After sewing these, I was folding laundry and took a look at a pair of K's GAP pants. Duh. The button holes go along the elastic horizontally instead of vertically. This would make it way more durable. I'm a tad bit afraid that the elastic will rip at some point. Lesson learned.

As always, the part that gave me the biggest headache with these pants is the seams that are sewn to hold the hems down. Gaaa!!! The legs are so tiny that it is difficult to deal with so much fabric hanging out around the needle.
And there you have it! Part two of K's costume. So far we have a yellow vest and gray pants. Any guesses?!?
As a note for those of you not friends with me on Facebook. After yesterday's post, a friend asked if the character is Ronald McDonald. Nope!! But I gave the hint that the character is known (fairly) internationally and that (many?) people in the UK should recognize the character.

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