Thursday, October 4, 2012

Halloween Costume - Part 4

K's costume is almost done. This bit, the morning coat, was the biggest challenge. To be honest, it's not a real morning coat as I didn't split the tail, but as this thing gave me quite the headache, I figure it's fine as is.

I didn't want to pay for a pattern for a boy's morning coat, so I looked online for tutorials. I, obviously perhaps, came up empty-handed. Who makes a morning coat for a two-year old and then posts a tutorial? I did find, however, a button down pajama shirt from one of my favorite sewing blogs - the same one as yesterday, in fact.

I decided this pajama shirt should be close enough after a few adjustments. So I printed out the pattern and got cutting. I totally Frankenstein-ed (see what I did there?!?) this bad boy. The biggest change at the beginning was to make the front panels thinner, the back longer and the bottom hem curved to connect the two.

I was nervous, but had bought enough of the cheap black fabric that worse case scenario, I could just scrap it all and draft my own pattern from the white shirt. I cut my fabric and got to sewing.

The sewing was quite simple. I got it all together, minus the collar, during nap time with time to spare. The back looked super wide (to be comfy enough for jammies, I suppose), so I wanted to try it on K before attaching the collar. After trying it on, I had to take the center in about five centimeters. While taking it in, I considered separating the tail, but it was so close to being done that I didn't want to ruin it here.

Because so much had to be taken in, I had to make adjustments in the length of collar as well. I'm still not certain I attached it properly. It looks fine enough, especially since this will be worn three times for a grand total of roughly six hours.

Tomorrow I'll show the final piece and reveal my son's idol. Any guesses yet? We've got a yellow vest, a pair of gray pants, a white shirt, a black necktie and a black "morning coat."

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