Thursday, October 18, 2012

Old Shirt, New Shirt

I bought a plain, grey T-shirt a year or so ago because I liked the feel of the cotton. It was a pretty standard (boring) shirt from Uniqlo, which for the record, I adore.

I wanted to make a change to the shirt to make it slightly more exciting, and had been pondering and pondering what to do. With the grey thread already in the sewing machine from K's vest, I decided now was the time!

I liked the higher neckline - good for bending over and playing with K and his friends without showing too much. So I didn't want to change it to make it much lower.

I decided to cut off the neckline bias and cut a short slit off center from the top.

I planned on twisting the two corners together to give it a bit of a knotted look. I liked where it was heading, but I cut a little bit too deep. I didn't want to twist too much for fear the shirt would bunch up oddly. Instead I was left with a tiny slit beneath the twist. I contemplated cutting the slit deeper to make it almost keyhole-esque, but as above I just wanted a shirt where I didn't have to watch how I was sitting fear of being "inappropriate."

As a result, I sewed up the slit. But the shirt still looked a bit boring. Hmmm...did I just ruin it?

Then I saw the bias tape from the neckline sitting on the table and put it to good use. I folded a bit under and then sewed it up and over the neckline to look similar to the middle of a bow. I loved how this looked.

Fifteen minutes later (remember I didn't have to rethread my machine), my boring shirt has now become a bit more exciting. I kind of wish I would have stitched the bias on with a contrasting color, but maybe best to keep it just simple.

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