Monday, October 22, 2012

Birthday Cupcakes

Last month, I wrote about a pair of pants I made for K's good friend for his third birthday. The friend's birthday was at at the beginning of the month, but Y's mom had come to stay with us for a week, so the first time we saw him after his birthday wasn't until last week when he came over for a play date.
I thought a mini birthday party could be fun. Seeing as it was just the two boys, however, it was like the mini-est birthday party ever. In fact, the only things making it a birthday party were cupcakes, the candles on one of them, and a pair of pants.
I started out with Martha Stewart's One-Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes. The whole one bowl thing made them easy to make and clean up. I halved the recipe as it says it makes between 18 and 24 cupcakes. The last thing I need are between 14 and 20 uneaten cupcakes in my kitchen. I filled the molds so that I ended up with nine cupcakes.
This apparently was way too full. Whoops! The cupcakes totally overflowed making quite the mess. I got them out of the oven and there was cake everywhere.
I ended up creatively chopping off the tops to make more of a cupcake-like shape. They were to be covered in frosting, so I figured this would work just fine.
And it did.
I used a whipped vanilla frosting from Sweetapolita. It involved a lot of whipping (as one could assume from the name), but was really delicious. It was super similar to the frosting we can buy at home in the plastic tubs. Yum!!
I wanted to make them a tad bit more exciting so I busted out some blue and green sugar sprinkles and had K pick which one he wanted to use. He chose the blue. I did an example or two for him (you can probably tell which ones if you look at the top photo again) and then let him have at it. Blue sugar was everywhere by the end of it, but he had such fun!
After he was all done sprinkling them, he took to tasting them. Then he licked a beater. All while still in him jammies. Sprinkles and frosting - the breakfast of champions!

Then it came time for the party and he got to eat breakfast again, only this time with some chocolate cake as well.

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