Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Party 2

As I mentioned in Friday's post, on Saturday we headed to the kids' community center in the neighborhood and joined in the Halloween party. The people that came to our house for the party last week, as well as those who will come this week, are K's good friends. They know he loves Thomas the Tank Engine, also they all have boys, so they know who Sir Topham Hatt is. For the party at the community center, however, there would be a lot of people who likely would not know who Sir Topham Hatt is. Seeing him next to a Thomas, however, I thought people might make the connection. So I made K a huge Thomas out of cardboard, paper mache, more cardboard, duct tape and paint. I'll post tomorrow (hopefully) with some photos of the Thomas making process, trust me it was a process!

We left the house in time to get to the park for the parade to the community center. I had Y hold Thomas and K wanted to be held as well. Soon after I took this photo, Thomas got bashed into one of those wooden columns; I took over holding Thomas from there ;) As we were walking a car drove by and one of the little boys in it yelled out, "There's Thomas!!!!" It was adorable and after all the time and effort it took to make, it totally made my morning.

We got to the party and Thomas was a huge hit. All of the boys, and a few girls, kept coming over to touch him or just look in awe at him. Seriously, it was so cute. K was so proud and hardly ever got out of Thomas. He just sat in it, chillin'.

When he did finally get out, he of course went to go sit with/on his best friend, Batman.

At the party, we sang songs and watched magic. Then the kiddies just ran around and played in their costumes while the parents took tons and tons of photos.


 Before leaving, Sir Topham Hatt had to do a bit of cleaning.

On the way home, we stopped at the "Eco Flea Market" that was going on that same morning and afternoon. One of my best friends here had a little shop. She is wonderful at sewing and her sister is great at crocheting. Their shop was full of sweet little things. I bought a headband that I fell in love with. K loves her two children, and the dads get on quite well, too. While I intended on just dropping by and then heading home for lunch, K was having such fun and so were Y and I that we just bought lunch there and didn't get home until nearly 2.

There were probably 20 or so food stalls and shops, ranging from handmade items, homemade jams, and used toys, to a massage tent, fresh produce, and A FABRIC SHOP!!!! Gaaaa!!! I was in heaven. The shop had gigantic boxes full of little fabric bundles, as well as large swaths of cut fabric. A lot of the fabrics were for curtains, so they were either really quite thick or super sheer. I have no need for a lot of heavy-weight fabric, so instead I went to the boxes. It was an all-you-can-fit-in-a-bag deal, with a full bag costing 100 yen - $1.25. I couldn't pass this deal up - it was amazing! I felt like I was doing something naughty by stuffing the bag to the brim with fabric rolls. I ended up with this collection.

Out of the lot, I think these were some of my favorites.

I am so excited to get going on a project using some of my few fabrics. I hope to have something done up by Friday, as I halfway planned it out last night. Hopefully Wednesday night, once the final Halloween party is finished, I can finally get on with things other than Halloween!!


  1. Anna Kan looks so darn cute in that costume! Great work with the costume and the train. You are one awesome Mama!

    1. Thanks, Lees!! Seeing Kan so happy and excited about the costume totally made the hassle of making it worth it.