Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Autumn Vest

The weather is just starting to turn here. The days are still hot, but the evenings are getting chillier. With the colder weather, unfortunately comes longer evenings. In the summer, we got quite used to going out to the park after K's afternoon nap and staying until 6:30ish, when all of the moms had to collectively decide it was time to go - no kid was going to leave the park while all of the friends were still playing. Leaving time has gotten earlier and earlier. We ended up leaving the park today around 5:45, but it was pitch black by 6:00 when we got home. Summer is over.
Although the weather is starting to cool down, we are not yet in need of full on jackets. Last year, we got K a fuzzy vest and while it still fits, it is definitely on the small side. I saw this vest in a sewing magazine I got a while back and knew I had to make it for K!

Y helped me pick out the fabrics and thought that a black/grey plaid would be better, so that's what we went with. The vest was easy to make, but I made it more difficult by lining it with a quilted fabric. Essentially, I made the vest twice and then sewed them together with bias tape. This wasn't too much of a problem except when it came to the seams. They are French seams and hence add a bit of bulk. As the quilted fabric already has a bit of bulk to it, the seams got super thick and a bit difficult to sew through. I broke two needles in the process...whoops!
The pockets are a sweater-like fabric with ladybugs on it. It is really thin, so with all the rocks K will be stuffing in his pockets, they were sure to stretch out. So the pockets would stay in tact, I lined them with the same plaid from the outside of the vest.
Then I attached them to the front, pieced that together and got cracking on the hood. If you look closely, the seam of the hood is a bit of a mess - stupid French seams on curves!!

I got the inside and outside layers finished last night. The next step was to sew the two layers together with bias tape. I started with the arm holes and then realized that there was no way I would have enough bias tape to go around the entire vest/hood. Gaaaa!!!! This morning K and I went to the fabric store to get more bias tape.
While we were there, he spotted some yellow buttons and HAD to have them. (I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before on the blog, but his favorite color is yellow. It always has been and seems it will stay that way for a while.) I caved and decided a splash of color might not be a bad thing. I couldn't find any bright yellow buttons, which I think would be way cuter, so we ended up with a light yellow. Maybe I'll change them up one day.

The vest was done!! Wahoo!!!
But when I looked at the back, it seemed so boring. Before heading to the park, I sewed three ladybugs on the back and bam! Way better.
The thing that always has me worried when I make stuff for K is that if he ends up disliking it for whatever reason, it will have been a total waste. Luckily, he is pretty down with the vest and rocked it at the park this evening. Success.

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