Friday, May 18, 2012

Wine Tasting Bag - Happy Birthday Mom!

For ages I had heard my mom talk about going wine tasting in Michigan, but as I only ever visited home during the winter I never had the chance to go. Finally, this past June (as in nearly a year ago) K and I went for my first summer visit in seven years.

It was lovely. I love summer at home - the parks, the music, the weather and now I can add wine tasting to the list as well. It was such a fun, laid-back experience. No wonder my mom and dad enjoy it so much.

While thinking of what to get/make for my mom for her birthday, I thought that a big bag to fit the glasses, cheese and slicer, crackers, a mat for sitting on, and a few small things - napkins, etc. would be awesome. That way, the bag is always packed. When it's time to go, just pick up the bag and head out.

I called my dad and got the dimensions for the cheese slicer and the winery glasses. Then got cracking on a bag. I, originally, wanted something that my dad wouldn't look silly holding, but in the end I fell in love with this blue fabric (sorry, Papi).

I decided to make the bag fairly large with removable glass holders - all the easier for washing and a few pockets.

I started out with a whole heap of fabric as I wanted it padded and lined, but it all got together quite quickly. As always, the cutting took me AGES.

That was just the lining. I doubled it to make the outside of the bag as well.

I love how the bag turned out and with its generous size, add a few more pockets and a shoulder strap, and I reckon it'd make a great diaper bag.

Happy birthday, mommy!! (And happy wine tasting!)

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