Wednesday, May 2, 2012

K's Birthday Present - The Unveiling

On Monday, K turned 2! I finally gave him the house I spent weeks making (walls #1 and #2, wall #3, wall #4. He seemed to like it, which is good news, but at the beginning he wasn't as in love with it as much as I was hoping. He jumped in and started playing with it, but soon wanted to go back to the iPad. Booo...

He went back and forth for a while - he'd play in the house, then go do something else. I guess it is somewhat to be expected. I put a few trains inside and he seemed to like that.

He harvested a few veggies and then proceeded to eat them. He kept calling the potato a cookie - he definitely is my son.

He even picked a few flowers. Then he cried when we had to put it away for dinner. All in all, a successful project in my book!


  1. It is adorable that he is eating the carrot!

    1. Yeah, that cracked me up. If only I could get him to eat veggies in real life - that would rock!!