Saturday, May 12, 2012

Baby Girl Gifts

Did you think I just up and quit making things?!? I know I haven't posted in a while, but for some reason I can't post from my phone. I kept thinking it will work one day, so I just kept procrastinating. I dread turning on my computer, but alas, it is Saturday, my phone posts still won't take, and it must be done. I have this post for you today and a big one (another cake) for tomorrow, and hopefully a bento post in between. Anyway, getting along with things...

One of my friends from childhood just gave birth to a baby girl. If you have ever really looked at sewing/crocheting blogs, they are FULL of things for girls. There is not too much for little boys. When my friend gave birth to a little girl I immediately got thinking about what fun things I could make for her.

I came across this "butterfly hat" and thought it was about the cutest little thing. When K was little, I made him a hat and I thought he looked so stinkin' cute. Hats on babies are adorable, in my opinion. My friend lives in Portland and the little girl was born in April. I decided to make the hat in the 6 month size, because October in Portland seems like it could be chilly.

I think the hat turned out so sweet. I tried to put it on K to see if it really was roughly the right size and it was WAY too small. I know he is 2, so this makes no sense, but I have bad luck when it comes to baby hats. It seems they are either way too huge or teeny tiny. This one looks like a reasonable size for a little one and had no chance of fitting K - it think it worked!!

Since the hat won't be used for a few months, I thought I should make something that works right now. So, I also whipped up this little flower headband.

Again, I was worried about head size and how quickly babies' heads grow. I saw somewhere, ages ago about crocheting a hair elastic into the headband and that way there is a bit more stretch, i.e. more room for the head to grow. I thought it was a genius idea and had stored it in the back of my brain for when I finally have a baby girl and can make TONS of headbands for her. Luckily I didn't have to wait that long and used that method this time around.

Both turned out well. I hope my friend likes them and that the baby girl doesn't hate having things on her head. That would be bad.

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