Friday, May 4, 2012

K's Party

I know this post is nearly a week late, but it's been a busy week over here. It's Golden Week which means a week of holidays for Y, but a busy time as it feels we need to take advantage of the holidays and do lots of things. Also Y's parents have been staying with us (which is an amazing help), but again it seems like I should be spending time with them, not on my blog. But, enough excuses, on to the party!!

It was a really lovely time. Six families (including us) celebrated the day. There were seven kids - one aged three, but all the others were two or very close to it. It got pretty wild, but they seemed to have fun.

They played trains (of course).

They watered flowers.

They jumped on the play mattress and then on a dad.

And they just sat around, talking and playing with the adults.

Y and I made a balloon banner in Thomas colors to string across the living room entrance.

It was quite popular with the kids and parents. I used the tutorial linked above, but instead of twine and a regular needle, I used yarn and a crochet/knitting needle.

There were of course lots of snacks - sugar cookies, oatmeal cookies, and marshmallow pops.

We did the piƱata at the park. I had nothing to be afraid of; when Thomas got busted open, K cracked up!!

It was a tad on the strong side, so all the moms and dads got a turn at whacking it as well.

And of course there was cake.

It was my first real go with marshmallow fondant and I don't think it was awful - in fact I was a tad proud of it. I'll post more about the cake tomorrow, hopefully.

There were also a few cupcakes that were left untouched.

And that is K's 2nd birthday party in a nutshell!!

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  1. I'm so impressed! Marshmallow pops are a good idea. I took my first stab at cake pops and they were too heavy. I might try marshmallows today instead!

    1. Thank you!! The marshmallow pops were dead easy, and I did them days ahead of time. If you do colored chocolate I highly recommend getting candy melts. They don't taste bad and the white chocolate streaked a lot and made the colors a bit dull.

  2. Fabulous lady! So sad to have missed it. Looking forward to next year!!

    1. Thanks, sweetheart!! I was bummed you two missed it as well. But hopefully next year will work out!