Sunday, May 13, 2012

Car Bentofor K

We were meant to go on a picnic with a friend last Wednesday, but when we woke up it was raining. Booo!!! I talked to the mom and we decided to have the picnic at our place. On their way over it was pouring rain, but roughly 20 minutes later it turned into a beautiful, sun shiny day. I kept telling myself that even if we had gone to the park, the picnic would have been a disaster, what with muddy grounds and puddles for jumping in. Who am I kidding, mud and puddles? That sounds like K's heaven.

I made K's lunch as if we were going on a real picnic, so in his Thomas bento box. I thought he might like a car-themed lunch, so there we have it!!

There is rice on the bottom and the car is made of egg. The tires are little mashed potato/mince meat croquettes and the person is cheese with sesame seed eyes and a ketchup mouth.

K surprised me and ate a good amount of the car, both tires (he generally likes anything fried), the rice and the strawberries. I thought the car would be a total fail. Luckily he proved me wrong!!

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