Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tropical Island Banana Bread

The other day I noticed that we had a number of bananas that were getting overly ripe. I kind of wanted to bake a banana bundt cake with ganache, but gave Y the choice between that and my standard banana bread. He picked the bread (I'm pretty sure it's one of his favorite things that I make).

Ages ago, I made a caramel banana bread by spicing up my go-to banana bread recipe. I didn't feel like making caramel again, so instead I raided the cupboards and liquor cabinet to come up with some ideas.

I ended up with pecans in one mini loaf and coconut and rum in the other. Yum!!

I used the standard recipe - I even used all shortening as I had NO butter in the house (tragedy, I know!!). Then split it into two bowls and started adding away.

I have no idea how much of anything I put in. A handful or two of broken up pecans in the first one and a handful or so of coconut and maybe a few tablespoons of rum in the other. I was afraid that if I added too much liquid, something bad would happen. I think I could have added more, but not to worry the rum taste comes out just fine.

Eating this bread is like chillin' on an island of baked goods. Delicious. The pecan one is fine. Nothing too special, but hey, they can't all be winners, right?!?

Given the success of the coconut/rum bread, I'm kind of wanting to try adding other crazy things and seeing what happens. To be honest I haven't had too much experience using other banana bread recipes, so maybe this is true for all of them, but this one is amazing. With all of the junk I've added, it never gets weird; it just gets better.

We ♡ banana bread!!

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  1. Yum, that sounds delicious! I love banana bread too. I think I'll give the coconut version a whirl. I have a tasty peanut butter banana bread recipe. If you're interested let me know and I'll send it your way. :)

    1. Definitely try the coconut/rum one. It was really good. Peanut butter and banana is a favorite combo! Please send me the recipe!!