Thursday, May 24, 2012

K's Curtains - Part 2

Months ago I posted about how K was getting moved to his own room. The curtains we had in the room were useless, so I whipped up a set of sun-blocking curtains.

They helped a lot, but with the sun rising earlier and earlier, the room got brighter earlier and earlier, and K was waking up earlier and earlier. Not cool.

To alleviate the situation, we popped over to the fabric store to pick up another load of sun-blocking fabric so the curtains could have a backing.

I sewed the new fabric onto the back and they now work way better.

No curtains (admittedly it was a cloudy day when I took these photos).

Single layer of sun-blocking curtains.

Double layer of sun-blocking curtains.

As above it was a cloudy day when these photos were taken. I've since realized that the early morning sun tends to peek in through the top and sides. Does anyone have any suggestions for this?

In Japan, beneath the real curtains is always a set of sheer, "lace" curtains. For K's room, we just used ones from out old apartment where the windows were 40 centimeters (!) shorter than the current windows. I wish I would have taken a photo because it looked absolutely ridiculous.

I was planning on scrapping them and starting all over when my friend suggested I just buy enough fabric to make up the difference and add some cute trim. Genius!!

This is what I did last night and I think they look quite cute.

I used different colors of pompon trim; they ended up with quite a whimsical look. I think they are adorable!!

And I'm stoked I didn't throw the old ones away - what a waste that would have been.

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