Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Surprise Birthday Party

One of my very best friends celebrated her 33rd birthday on Monday and today K and I went to her house for a play date. K and his two friends (her three year old daughter and two year old son) played so well together. He cried when we had to leave, but it was nearly 7 and I still had to make dinner. Whoops!!

While we were there, we had a mini birthday party. I brought along a present, chocolate muffins, and a candle to boot!

I crocheted her a lavender mohair scarf that totally reminded me of her when I saw it in my crochet pattern book.

It is the same book that I made this scarf from. After making that first scarf, I kind of thought I'd never do something like that again, but I decided it was the perfect gift for her. We both like to sew, but her skills are quite above mine; so that was out. Luckily, however, she's not a crocheter.

It took a good amount of time to complete, but it was easy to remember the pattern for the flower, so it worked up fairly quickly towards the end. For some reason, I could never remember the pattern of the first scarf, so I was constantly checking the book. I think that's one reason it took me AGES to finish.

As above, I also made a batch of chocolate muffins with white chocolate chunks for the celebration. I'll post about those (and the recipe) tomorrow. Be sure to check back - they were delicious and dead easy!!

Happy birthday, Hitomi!!

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