Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Car Cargos

K loves cars, trucks and trains in the worst way. When he was about a year, he discovered the world of transportation and hasn't looked back since. The toys he plays with and books he wants me to read to him are all car/train/truck-related. He will not leave the house without his trusty yellow train that was given to him by my parents' next door neighbor.

The other evening we were meeting friends for dinner downtown. As the weather is quite cold at night, I put his truck leg warmers on him and he was stoked. He was really upset when I took them off for bedtime and they were the first thing he looked for when he woke up the next morning. Throughout the day he would randomly call me, "Mama, mama, oooohhhh!!!" and show me a truck that was cruising under his pants.

Ages ago I bought car fabric (above) with a plan to make a pair of pants for K. I decided it was time to bust these out.

Yesterday during nap time I cut the fabric and decided that without some sort of flair, they'd just look like jammies. So I cut out some pockets to make them cargos. After the little guy got to sleep for the night, I got to sewing. They were finished super quick.

This morning he was pretty stoked to put them on. He hasn't even requested the leg warmers!

Yes, he's playing with a duck, but please take note of the wheels.

K + wheels = ♥

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