Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Three Years

Three years ago today, I was in Hawaii marrying my amazing husband. We had a lovely ceremony with family and just a handful of friends. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful night. For Y and I, it was just perfect. Three years on and I'm more in love with him today than I was the day we married.

To celebrate, I decided that chocolate cupcakes were in order. (These would also be perfect for Valentine's Day!)

I'm stoked with how they look, and while I haven't eaten one yet, I'm pretty sure they won't disappoint in that category either.

They were super easy to make. Whip up some cupcakes, but make sure to overfill them a bit so they have rounded tops (or in my case, flat, large tops.)

Also mix up some frosting, I used a traditional American buttercream that I had leftover from the cake balls, and dye it pink.

Slice off the top of a cupcake and using a cookie cutter cut out a heart.

Smear some pink frosting on the base.

Put the top back on and bam! Adorable heart cupcakes♥

But what to do with the leftover hearts? Make sandwiches!

And then eat them, because I can almost guarantee that no one will ask where they went.

After making the two heart cupcakes, I had a bit of frosting left and got to thinking that any cute cutter would work. I used a butterfly cutter, given to me by a good friend, to make this one.

Gaaaa!!! Thinking about it, the possibilities are endless. You could used different colors of icing on the same cupcakes to make multi-colored butterflies or hearts or cars! Once the lid is back on, you could add details with little sprinkles! How exciting!!

With that, I'm going to go enjoy a nice dinner with my husband.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see the gift I made for him.


  1. Happy anniversary to one of the sweetest couples I know (pun intended...Sugar Fairy).

    1. But seriously, we're pretty sweet, right?!? ;)
      Thanks, lady!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary Anna & Yuhsuke!! Can't believe it has already been 3 years since we were all in Hawai'i for your lovely wedding! I'm so happy for both of you - yes, you are SWEET!!

    1. I know! Time really has flown. Let's all go back soon!!