Monday, February 27, 2012

Sponges. Ewwww...

Last week, for some reason, I decided that sponges gross me out. For as long as I can remember if I washed a dish, I did so using a sponge. I know that some people disinfect sponges in the microwave, but I've never bothered to google how that works (which is odd given the plethora of random things I google), and as a result I've never done it. I just throw out the sponge once it gets gnarly enough.

Last Friday I decided to make a little cloth for dish washing. I thought I'd make a couple and just wash them on a rotation. I made this little plum blossom first.

The little guy worked well. It certainly got all of my dishes cleaned. But it was too tiny and a bit difficult to use.

So on the weekend I decided to spend all my free time crocheting rather practical, rectangular, day-of-the-week dish washing cloths (using yarn I had sitting around). I embroidered the kanji for each day of the week on a separate cloth. I could very well have left this last step out, but I think I'd forget to throw the cloth in the wash at the end of the day, thus completely defeating the entire purpose.

After making them, I was thinking of how to store them - I'm pretty sure they would get lost if I just threw them in a drawer. I ended up putting them into a little tin that was given to me by one of my English students. It's so cute and pink and vintage-looking that I wish I would have made the cute flowers (even though they would have been annoying to use) instead of the rectangles.

Don't the tan cloths look so sad compared to the tin? Maybe when these bad boys give out, I'll put some thought into making bigger flowers and maybe even a few strawberries and hearts to match the tin.

Eeeek! How exciting. Now I kind of want these guys to give up so I can have an excuse to make new ones.

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  1. You should make the flower cloths and sell them! :) Do the cloths do a good job at scrubbing off crusty stuff? That's why I really like scrubby sponges.

    1. I haven't had to scrub anything super heavy duty yet, but I can almost guarantee they won't work super well for that. I see a bit of soaking in my future.
      I was worried about that exact issue last week and found people that resolve the issue by cutting and making a "yarn" out of the plastic mesh bags that fruits sometimes come in. We don't have those here; I might have to stock up when I'm at home and make some scrubby ones too.

      Also, I love etsy!! I'm just lacking the confidence...does anyone really want to buy my flower dish scrubbies?!?

    2. They might want to! I honestly think it's all in the photo shoot of your items. Pretty pictures=sales. And they are totally cute!

    3. Thank you!! I totally agree about the need for good photos. I'm such a sucker for that as well!

      Maybe if I run out of things I want to do for me, my family or friends, etsy will be my next step.