Thursday, February 9, 2012

Key Case

Ages ago I was at a bookstore and came across a patchwork sewing magazine. Everything in it was super cute, so of course I bought it.

When I brought it home, I showed it to Y and was way excited. Unfortunately he didn't seem to share my enthusiasm. Fair enough, I suppose. Half-jokingly I showed him a key case and told him I'd make it for him if he wanted.

To my surprise, he seemed receptive. I asked what colors he'd want it in and he said he liked it the way it is in the photo (above).

This year is going to be fairly costly with trips to the US, hopefully a trip to Fuji Rock, getting K's room set up, etc. So we decided that we aren't really going to give gifts to one another this year. I know the key case goes against this rule, but it cost VERY little money since I had almost all of the things already.

I gave it (and a cupcake) to him last night after dinner. He was super surprised and liked it heaps. Wahoo!

On a dinner-related note, we busted open one of our finest bottles of wine with dinner and it was delicious! We bought a bottle of Opus One Overture when we went wine tasting the day after my brother's wedding in Northern California. If you ever happen to find yourself in Oakville, California, Opus One is a must!

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  1. Thank you for shereing the wonderful night with me.
    The dinner was great, the key case was so cute,
    and it was very good time to just have convasation to you with drinking nice wine.

    I love you wife!!


    1. You're the best! I love you, too, husband!