Friday, February 17, 2012

The Catch-All Clutch

A few weeks ago I found this clutch on a blog. In case you don't feel like clicking over, it's made from a potholder and ziplock baggies --simple and genius.

I wanted to make one for the airplane ride to hold things like gum, medicine, masks, eye drops, i.e. all the little things that get stuck at the bottom of my purse when I need them. I tried looking for snack size baggies and couldn't find them at the supermarket. I also had no idea where to find a cute potholder that wasn't going to cost me a mental amount. With all the extra fabric I have laying about, I figured I could just make my own.

As I was starting from scratch anyway, I decided to make it a bit bigger so it can also hold our passports in the back pocket.

I didn't feel like going to the fabric store this week, so I made my own bias tape. Unfortunately I didn't do the most stellar job, but with a bit of ribbon and some pom pom trim (thanks Hitomi San), you'd never know the difference.

The inside has 10 little baggies that can hold any variety of things.

I imagine this will prove to be quite handy in regular life as well, not just for the airplane.

Making the clutch took a few hours, but that was because I made the potholder bit. If you were to make one as in the link above, it would take no time at all. It'd probably take longer to organize the bags and tape them all down than to sew a line down the middle and add a button and a loop.

Wahoo for easy and useful handmade projects!!

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  1. パブロン!アナちゃんは本当に作るのが上手!!!


    1. ありがとうゆきえちゃん♡

      いつでも来てください!! もちろんケーキを作るよ♪♪♪


  2. I assume those are wet-naps, but they sure look a lot like condoms.

    1. You nerd!! They are neither condoms nor wet-naps. It's cold medicine!!