Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Yo-yo Barrettes

As you may recall, I teach English to three elementary school girls. I took a break, however, beginning in early August and just started back up this week. One of the girls, however, celebrated her birthday in late August, so I never got her birthday present to her.

Last year, I made her a little slice of birthday cake out of felt. Then it came time to do the same birthday cake slices for the other two girls and I had totally forgotten the exact size and such. It really shouldn't be much of an issue, except two of the girls are sisters - the August birthday girl and a girl with a January birthday. To avoid this issue this year, I decided to just do all of the presents at the same time. As a result, I spent my Saturday night making three sets of yo-yo barrettes.

I started with about a 10cm circle of fabric - two for each set.

To make the yo-yo, fold the edge in just a bit and sew a running stitch close to the fold.

Once it is back to where you started your stitches, pull tight and you have a yo-yo. 

Before fastening off, put your needle through the very top of the yo-yo, directly above the last stitch.

Then pull down so it forms the top of the bow. I was thinking of stopping here and making little hearts, but I decided on the bow shape instead.

I couldn't get a good photo of it, but just as you put the needle through the top, put it through the bottom and pull again to get the bow.

Then I wrapped the thread around the center a few more times and finally strung a bead on and placed it in the middle, knotting the thread in the back.

Then do it all over again with the other one.

Finally, I hot glued them onto barrettes. In hindsight, I probably should have secured them to the barrette with a few stitches, but I didn't.

I think they look quite cute. In fact, I think I might whip up a set for myself after Halloween - I've still got Touji's costume to do and a party to prep!!

As above, I made a set for each of the girls. I did them all in different fabrics that I thought each of them might like.

Then I made a little "Happy Birthday" note and clipped them on. Come January, I will be ready!!

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