Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bento Thursday - Dr. Yellow...again

This month, K's school schedule has been a bit mixed up and he only went to school one day last week, same for next week. Today, however, was a school day and bento day at that! He decided that he wanted a cheeseburger and an onigiri. I asked him what veggies and he said, "Whatever. Anything that will fit is fine." I went with what we had in the fridge - broccoli and carrots, and apple for dessert. After looking at my bento books for onigiri ideas, he told me that he wanted a Shinkansen onigiri; mind you there is no Shinkansen onigiri in the book. There was not one other onigiri idea that he liked. Seriously, this kid likes his Shinkansens. He told me he wanted Dr. Yellow again, but the past few times I used egg he didn't eat it (even though I know he likes eggs). I told him that I would only make him a Dr. Yellow bento if he promised to eat the egg. He did! He was so proud of himself and that he ate his WHOLE bento that as soon as we walked in the house, he ripped open his backpack and took out his empty bento box. He's adorable.

Since I was making a cheeseburger for K, I decided to just make a few more for Y. He also got some leftover veggies - asparagus and burdock/carrot stir fry. I also cut two sausages in half on an angle and stuck them together with toothpicks to make little hearts. Awwww... 

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