Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Washi Tape Roads

T has been having a rough time napping - basically he only naps while being held or carried. He will also nap if I nap next to him. Essentially, he pops awake the second I put him in his crib. This, needless to say, is extremely inconvenient. Sometimes I have to make dinner or do some laundry. As T's nap time would be the ideal time to play with K, I end up with very little time each day devoted just to him. Today however, I decided that if T makes me hold him to nap, I would just have to spend some of his waking time playing with K. So, while T laid on K's bed, K and I made a town on his floor out of washi tape.

It was super simple and quite a lot of fun to do. We started with some buildings and of course a parking lot for each one.

Once the buildings were set around the room, we started in on the streets. I tried to keep the roads as straight and even width-wise a possible, but it wasn't always too easy.

K could not wait! He was so stoked that he started playing on the roads well before they were near finished. Then he would get to a spot and ask for more road right where he was. So I would rip off some tape and lay some road.

It wasn't long before he got his "Homies" in on the action. These two were chilling at the convini. I wonder which car belongs to which homie...

K spent ages playing on the roads. It was so cute hearing him have conversations with the cars. It was super fun to do this for and with K, but it was also great in that it is essentially a new toy. He was entertained while I fed T and made dinner.

The tape is super easy to pull up and rip, so adding new roads or shops should be no problem at all. I purposefully left a few bigger squares in case K requested some new shops.

I asked him to clean up the cars before bed, but he said that they need to stay where they are so that he can play with them if he wakes up before morning. We compromised and set a walking path free of cars in case he needs to use the toilet during the night. Dear me, what monster did I create?

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