Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Maple Marble Bread

One of the moms that I meet at the bus stop when K goes to kindergarten, like me, loves her sweets. She, however, is more of a bread-maker than a cake-maker. We decided that when we make something, we would share with one another. The other day she made some chocolate marble bread that was fantastic. She went back to the shop to get more of the chocolate for the marbling, but they were out. Instead she got maple-flavored and gave half of it to me. Today I had a Canadian friend come over, so I figured it would be a great time to bake up these mini breads.

I started with a sweet dough in my breadmaker. Once it rested, I rolled it out a bit and put the maple "stuff" on top.

Then I folded it up to envelope it.

The folding step, as well as the following is the same as making crossaints - roll it out, fold one end over a third of the way and then the opposite end over that, roll it out again, fold it in thirds again, but this time the opposite way.

Do that a few times and soon you have a marbled mess.

This is where crossaints differ. For the marble bread, roll it into a log.

Slice it; the recipe said into eight or 10 slices. I opted for 10 so I could have more of them.

The recipe said to put them in foil baking cups, but I had these adorable paper cups that one of my mom's best friends had sent to me, so I opted to use those instead.

Then bake them and admire your work. The look quite impressive, but were super simple to make.

I've most certainly had my fair share.

They are just so soft, squishy, sweet and delicious - I can't stop myself!

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