Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween - Ghost Bowling

There are five kids that are coming to K's Halloween party on Tuesday. All of them are his kindergarten friends and are three years old. Most of the moms will be at the party as well, so I figured with their help, we might be able to play a game or do a craft. I thought about pin-the-something-on-the-something, but then K's love for throwing balls came to mind and bowling seemed like a better idea.

Luckily a few weeks ago, we went to Costco and bought a case of bottled water. I collected those bottles as we drank them and the other night I took the labels off of 10 of them.

Then using my on-hand acrylic paint, I painted them all white. I wasn't too careful with this. I thought leaving them kind of "streaky" looked quite ghost-like. Also, the bottoms are not painted, it kind of makes them look like they are floating - all the better for ghosts, no?

Once they were dried, I used a black permanent marker to draw faces on them.

Each one got a different face. I didn't want them to be all scary, so for most of them I did cute little faces. Just two are slightly on the scary side - the fourth one from the left and then second from the right. For the bowling ball, I bought a little orange ball from the hundred yen store. It already had a little smiley face on it, but I just used the marker to make it look a bit more Jack-o-lantern-ish.

I have no idea if the kids will be able to get the point of the game, but even if it ends up not being a competition, I think they will still have fun knocking the ghosts over. I'm just hoping no one decides to make the ghosts "fly"!

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