Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bento Thursday - Halloween Edition

It was bento day for K today again. Earlier in the week I asked him what bento he wanted and he decided on a Shinkansen bento. Again. But! Yesterday he came from home school and was super jazzed that they were having a Halloween party today. I asked if instead of a Shinkansen bento he would want a Halloween bento and so the ideas started coming. Aside from an onigiri, he wanted asparagus, broccoli, carrots, and nashi. I also threw in some roasted chicken breast.

For the onigiri I started with a ghost cookie cutter and ran it under water so the rice wouldn't stick to it. Then I put it in the bento box and pushed rice into it, then slid the cutter out. I did the face with nori.

Then I put in the greens and chicken where they would fit.

And topped it off with carrots cut to look like Jack-o-lanterns. I LOVE them.

Y's bento was pretty standard - rice with furikake, roasted root veggies, a boiled egg, spinach with tofu, chicken "burgers" with ginger and komatsuna. After finishing K's bento, I still had one Jack-o-lantern left, which I totally could have put into Y's bento. But, I ate it before thinking of that. Sorry babe. Instead I put in heart cut-out carrots that were left over from bento preparation for K's undoukai (Sports Festival) this weekend. The undokai bento is the mother of all bentos and I am stoked for it!!

K got home from school today and as expected he was super excited about the Halloween party. They made black cat costumes, i.e. little ears, and went trick-or-treating, or as K says, "tow rick o tow ree tow," the Japanese version. So cute!

Then he drew a face on two pumpkins and took that around trick-or-treating.

It was full of snacks that the teacher said they could eat at home. He was so happy, which is great because this morning he definitely did not want to go to school. When he came home, however, he declared that "school is fantastic!" That made my day.

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