Friday, December 14, 2012

Sweetest Package to Date - Part 5

The past few days have brought you cookies, burp cloths, a cape, a hat and scarf, and a pair of boots. What else could a girl need? More shoes!! All girls can always use more shoes.

After looking through the Two Girls Patterns shop, I settled on bunny slippers and ballet flats.

I fell in love with these slippers. I think they are the sweetest things ever. When I was little, I had a special affinity for bunnies and my friend certainly knows this. That is definitely one of the reasons I picked these bunny slippers - I hope they remind my friend of us as kiddies when she puts these on her daughter.

They started off with a tiny yellow and pink sole.

Then I moved on to the pink body.

Next came the ears.

Then that sweet little face.

And finally two giant bows.

I think these are the cutest! The only thing that makes them cuter are baby feet wearing them.

The other pair is a simple ballet flat with a ruffle on top. I could have sworn I took more photos of making these; maybe K was playing around and deleted some? He's been known to do such things.

Anyway, I started with a bright blue sole the size of my palm. Gaaaa!! They are teeny!

Then I moved on to the shoe bit. Lastly was the ruffle on top with a white bow holding it all together.

I love these as well, but nothing compares to those bunnies!!

I'm not sure if the baby has other booties or shoes yet, but these are at least her first three pairs from Auntie Anna.

Looking at the whole package (minus a store-bought outfit, a Hello Kitty pillow, a Hello Kitty Christmas doll, and the cookies), I think it's all so sweet.

I had so much fun planning and making everything. I hope J had fun opening it.

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