Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sweetest Package to Date - Part 3

Yesterday I started blogging about the fun things that I sent to my best friend for her daughter. As you may recall, yesterday's post was about a tiny baby cape that I made. When I was first planning the cape, I was thinking that I might put a hood on it. The more I thought about it, however, the more I decided it would be a bad idea. When K was a baby, I remember hoods being difficult. If they didn't fit properly, they were just a waste and created extra fabric behind his little neck and back. It seemed uncomfortable when he laid down on it. What was the point?

That being said, I didn't want her little head getting cold, so I crocheted her the tiny butterfly hat that I've made about a million times now. Even though I've made this hat a few times, I still absolutely love it. I think it is so sweet and feminine.

It looks so cute paired with the cape, as well.

Once the hat was done, I decided that the little pumpkin needs a scarf. Although I assume her neck is pretty non-existant (as per all babies), everyone looks cute snuggled in a scarf.

I started off with a basic double crochet rectangle with a slit towards one end so that the scarf can slip through instead of having it constantly come upwrapped.

That looked pretty boring, however, so I added a V-stitch trim all the way around.

That made it look better, but still not girly enough. I finished it off with a picot edging that I think made it.

I love how the three pieces look together and hope that this little baby is just as warm and snuggly in them as I am imagining.

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