Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas...

On Sunday I realized that Christmas is just over a week away - eeek! At that point, the only Christmas preparation I had done was to put up a tree. I only did that because K had been begging me to since early November when the Christmas decorations are out at the shops (remember we don't have Thanksgiving here, so anytime after Halloween is fair game). I made him wait until the 9th of December and then we finally set it up. That was it though - I had yet to do any baking.

On Sunday I set out to make Christmas cookies. I started with a Ginger Crinkle cookie that I saw in my inbox from the Food Network's Twelve Days of Cookies. I love a little Christmas spice, so thought it would be a great cookie to get me into the Christmas spirit.

The cookie was simple enough, though it called for a heap of spices, as well as molasses. The only thing I did not have on hand was ground cloves - I substituted a bit more allspice in instead and hoped for the best.

Once all of the dry bits are mixed together, you have to mix the butter and sugar, and then add in the molasses. Yum, I LOVE molasses.

Finally slowly add in the dry ingredients, roll into balls and rolls the balls in turbinando sugar and bake.

Out of the oven pops beautiful, soft, chewy Christmas spice cookies.

They are delicious and as a bonus, the whole house smelled of Christmas.

K has fallen in love with these cookies, so unfortunately they are nearly gone. I am halfway debating on making up a second batch because they are just that good.

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