Thursday, December 6, 2012

Super Simple Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Over the weekend, we had some friends over for lunch. It is the same family that we went to Fuji Rock with, way back during the middle of the summer. Fuji Rock was actually the last time we had seen them, so it was really nice to meet up. I whipped up a bunch of food for lunch, but figured that I had enough of the Turtle Cheesecake left over for dessert, but about an hour before our guests were about to arrive, I finally checked and found that I only had enough for four pieces. Fine for the adults, but no dessert for the boys!?! How sad!
I ransacked our house looking for something that I could whip up really quickly and found chocolate and pretzels. The pretzels were Halloween shapes though, gaaaa!!!
I stuck them in a freezer bag and got to crushing.

Once you could no longer tell they were pumpkins and bats, I melted the chocolate bars (plus a few drops of vegetable oil) in a big bowl in the microwave - no time for dirty pots!! - and then dumped the pretzel pieces in and gave it a stir. I once read that adding a bit of vegetable oil to melted chocolate helps the chocolate to not turn chalky when it hardens. It's worked every time so far.

Once they were pretty well-coated, I placed the mixture in a thick line onto a parchment paper covered baking sheet. 

It didn't look at all cute, so I again checked my pantry for sprinkles or something to add and found colored jimmies - perfect!

Then I just popped it in the fridge for about 15 minutes, pulled it out and cut into little pieces. Since the chocolate got so hard it was a bit difficult to cut, so I let it sit out for about 5 more minutes and then cut it up. Of course I had to taste one to make sure it was suitable for guests ;)

We had a great afternoon with the friends - eating, drinking, and watching these two cuties.


  1. Oh Wow! They look awesome! thanks for sharing

    1. I just looked at your website. I had no idea there were so many types of pretzels available!! Oat bran pretzels?? Yum! They all sound so delicious. Thanks for checking out my blog.